Where is our autonomous driving state?

We have car companies such as Waymo, GM, and Telsa who have each put in 10’s of millions of miles on the road, but we still don’t have ubiquities autonomous vehicles. Countries are still moving slow because they are trying to be safe, which makes sense. We do have autonomous regions at the city level. Right now we have cities like San Francisco, California and Phoenix, Arizona that allow autonomous vehicles, but we need much larger areas of land where a car can drive around safely. How about we get a state in the US (or country) to step up and become the first to be THE autonomous driving state. Right now, Texas seems to be the friendliest state for autonomous vehicles. With state wide mandates, we can change policies to better facilitate autonomous driving. We could add policies to promote autonomous driving such as: reduced toll prices if the vehicle is fully autonomous (but need to get revenue from autonomous vehicles some other way). Better insurance polices for autonomous vehicles. We could create better state wide laws to allow autonomous cars to drive at safer speeds or have HOV like lanes for autonomous vehicles. We could upgrade infrastructure to allow for better real time communication. We could even experiment with building brand new cities for autonomous vehicles. There is just so much more you could do with a state who acts as the leader in autonomous driving.

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