What does Falling out of grace mean to me

I practice meditating in the morning on what good habits I want to encourage and what bad habits I want to discourage throughout the day.

Throughout the day I monitor myself. If I do any of my bad habits, I have fallen out of grace for the day. I am essentially changing my personality and training myself to be more joyful.

The habits I discourage are:

  • Don’t become negative about any situation
  • Don’t get jealous at anyone
  • Don’t raise my voice
  • Don’t get mad at colleagues
  • Don’t blame anyone including myself
  • Don’t express negativity towards myself
  • Don’t express negativity towards anyone
  • Don’t be impatient
  • Don’t get anxious about work
  • Don’t get anxious about sleep
  • Don’t speak in a condescending way

A simple way to summarize the above items is I am removing all negativity out of my life.

At the end of each day, I evaluate how I did.

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