What do all these different versions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean?

There are many variations of the word AI thrown around and I just want to clarify the differences.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

AGI is the goal of building AI systems.  Humans want to build Artificial General Intelligences that can do a wide variety of tasks just like humans can do.  This has been the goal ever since the creation of computers and even before we had computers.  We have not been able to figure out the answer to solving this. It maybe be because we are using the wrong software paradigms, the wrong hardware paradigms, or maybe its not even possible, but as long as there are computers, people will continue to try and build smarter systems. Other names for AGI are Strong AI or true AI or real AI or general artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a general term that means computers that are able to think smartly like humans.  Basically everyone calls advanced computer algorithms AI, which can include things are not AI at all. It is  a general laymen’s term. Most time, when people say AI, they are saying “advanced computer algorithm” and it is often used as a marketing term. The term is thrown around so much that it almost means nothing.

Weak AI and Narrow AI refer specifically to the kinds of artificial intelligence that are made now. They are advanced computer algorithms using AI techniques that solve a specific problem and only that problem. For example:

  • play chess or any game
  • predict the weather
  • add special effects to pictures
  • highlight people in video
  • drive a car
  • predict stock prices
  • classify images to determine if there is a hotdog in the image

Every single AI program you see now is a weak or narrow ai because it can only do one thing where as humans with their intelligence can do almost anything.

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