Watch a movie when you need some extra inspiration

When I want to reinvigorate and motivate myself, I rewatch a movie that inspires me to push harder. For me that movie is Gattaca. The movie was released over 25 years ago in 1997 (wow, time is flying)! The movie is set in the near future. The protagonist, Vincent is born the outdated natural way, while everyone else has their genes screened so only the best genes are born. The story is about Vincent having a dream and hardships he needs to go through to achieve his dream. Due to his genes, society has labeled him as a failure and degenerate. He attempts to go after his dream even though science tells him his genes will never succeed. The combination of the music and the way certain scenes are setup always inspires me to push harder. My favorite line from the movie is when Vincent explains to his brother why he is able to succeed: “I never saved anything for the swim back”

What do you use to inspire yourself?

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