Turing Test Crypto Coin idea

Could you create a cryptocurrency where you incentivize people to look at computer training data and evaluate if it is correct or not? Think of it like mechanical turk for machine learning data with crypto.

The main training data set would be an open source data set used to evaluate if a computer is intelligent or not. Coins would be given to people who answer questions correctly. Every piece of training data would need to be evaluated by 2-3 people. If they answer the data incorrectly or people don’t agree, then they would get some mark on their profile. Every person in the system must have an address or record so that we can evaluate that person on whether they give good answers or not. The longer and more better questions they answer, the more coins they would get. This data set would then be used to evaluate projects like GPT-3 to know if it had reached intelligence yet.

The data that could be trained can be anything, as long as a human can validate the dat.

Any company or project could also use this coin to train up their own datasets. The company would buy tokens and give them out to people who created the dataset for them.

Think of this as a crypto open version of https://scale.com/ or https://www.kaggle.com/

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