The universal magnetic Apple charger

I am a mac user, I have multiple iphones, ipads, airpods, macbook pros, and an apple watch. I have a lot of different chargers for them, its a huge mess and a waste to carry all of them, especially when charging. To charge all my devices I need to have usb-c, lightning, and the apple watch puck to charge everything. On top of that I travel a lot and like to have setup multiple charger stations, so its a lot of cables. Apple has been added magnets over the years to almost all of their devices to help with charging including reintroducing magsafe 3 on the mac book pro. I want to suggest a new adaptor or product that allows the apple watch charging puck to be able to charge everything. It would come with the mac book pro as a magsafe technology to charge the highest power device the macbook pro, but could optionally charge all your other devices with the magnet interface. The connection would probably need to be reengineered, but would be worth it to be able to carry one charging cable.

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