The first models a human infant might create to model their world

If human mind is an autonomous interlinked model building system, then what would the first models for an infant look like?

The list below is a thought experiment into what those first models would look like.

Lines and edges
They can be any length
They can be varying widths
Not 100% straight

Eye movement
Can move my eye and see different things
Can hold gaze at one direction
Can see something and focus in on it

Emitting Sound
Can make noise and sometimes someone comes over
Can make noise and hear it
Can modulate volume level
Can only make noise for so long before feeling discomfort

Hand Movement
feel different stimuli through hand
Can move hand
Can move fingers
has finer motor skill control compared to other body parts like feet.
Move hand a certain way causes different stimuli
Move hand a certain way causes feeling on other parts (touching self)


There are different colors
they are of different gradients
colors are everywhere
the colors change as I move my eyes

Static object

Has shape
Eye movement changes the object.
has edges (from earlier)
Doest move
Has edges
Has color

Moving objects (humans)

Some objects move on their own
They can make sounds
They give me food
They help me
They appear and disappear randomly
They often appear
they take care of me

Sometimes my skin is cold
Sometimes my skin is hot
Sometimes it feels uncomfortable
Sometimes when I move, the temp changes


a moving object interacts with me sometimes.
she has a soft “motherly” voice.
she is taking care of me often


a moving object interacts with me sometimes.
he has a harsh voice.
he takes care of me sometimes

Follow objects

I can turn my head.
If something is moving, I can follow its movements.

I have a painful feeling in the stomach area(hunger)
If there is stimulation on my lips and throat, the pain goes away for a while
Not eating the substance causes pain
Eating the substance satiates hunger and stops the pain
There is a painful feeling of hunger every few hours.

There is a sensation of unpleasantness sometimes (pain)
There are various levels of pain
Pain seems to appear randomly
Certain movements cause pain


Sometimes a wet feeling appears near my bum
It has a unique smell
Sometimes the smell is there for a Long time
Sometimes there is a physical feeling there for a long time
When the big moving object (person) comes, sometimes the poop disappears
It has a warm feeling sometimes

The above image is an example of some of the lower level features that a neural network may see.

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