shifted schedule

I will spend every week reviewing my calendar until I am happy with it. 7pm-2am sleep,meditate 2am -6am (5am – 9am) study/research 4 am (7am) light therapy 10 mins. 6am-2pm (9am-5pm pst) work 2-2:20 prepare for tomorrow 2:20-3 play/relax. Put on night glasses. 3-3:30 dinner 5pm(8pm) stop all stimulating things 6-7 meditate for an hour… Continue reading shifted schedule

Candidate data structures and algorithms for representing ground-able compositional knowledge in computers

Some of the most interesting ways to represent knowledge in computers using Mathematical structures. Graphs and graph neural networks multi-spacial grid cell representations grid representations probabilistic programming holograms Voronoi tesselations – they allow distance calculations between any concepts word2vec – its such as simple model, its worth thinking about how to scale this up.