“$100m offers” book review

I just read “$100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No” from Alex Hormozi. https://www.amazon.com/100M-Offers-People-Stupid-Saying-ebook/dp/B099QVG1H8 I like his writing style. Here are my notes from the book: Main theme from the book: “Make people an offer so good they feel stupid saying no”. This offer is what he calls the… Continue reading “$100m offers” book review

All Companies should become Benefit Corporations

With all the resources shrinking in our world, stories of corporate greed and corruption, and the proliferation of products that harm people(cigarettes, porn, casinos, junk food, etc), it makes you wonder “How can we better realign incentives with capitalism to help improve our world?” I think one solution to that is have all companies become… Continue reading All Companies should become Benefit Corporations