Stop drinking alcohol

I’m not sure why alcohol is something that people even want. I have drank a lot of alcohol in my life probably because of the way society looks at it, but it has caused more pains that positives. People should be a lot more clear about what alcohol will do to you:

Alcohol is a carcinogenic. It literally causes cancer: 3.6% of all cancer cases are directly related to alcohol.

Alcohol makes your sleep worse. If you are drinking near sleep time, the quality of your sleep will go down and the likelihood of waking up goes up.

Alcohol increases sleep fragmentation during the second half of the night by 94%

Alcohol ages you faster.

Alcohol shrinks your brain. If you rely on your brain for your work, you probably don’t want to drink lots of alcohol.

It doesn’t even taste that good. Hopefully this short notes helps you to stop drinking alcohol and to go enjoy a nice glass of water instead 🙂

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