somatic environment v2

A list of what parts of the environment can be built now without having to worry about data structures and algorithms.

  • Ability to quickly generate parametric building and houses.
  • Ability to generate agents that can move around.
  • Ability to turn on/off debug mode (FPS,camera,reset physics, etc)
  • Some base environments
  • Draw out some terrain with hills, bridges, buildings, etc
  • Ability to quickly deploy to the web
  • Ability for realtime code change
  • Ability to generate random groups of objects
  • A couple of different bodies for agents
  • touch and vision on agents
  • simple maze generator
  • containers
  • cannon/guns
  • night/day cycle with different clock scheme.
  • Would be cool to have some trees, flowers and wind as well!
  • quick way to debug object placement and attributes
  • redo a couple of mvp envs like sort and protect
  • OOP for easier data processing
  • global world state for easier processing

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