Practice daily reflection with a journal to accelerate ANYTHING

Every morning after I look at my review wall and before I start my day, I reflect on how yesterday went and how do I want today to be. I have a white board on my wall where I have a list of questions that I ask myself:

What went well yesterday?

What went bad yesterday that I should fix?

What is the biggest thing I should be working on?

Did I practice being present? Did I get unnecessarily frustrated or angry?

Did I do my best to stay healthy?

And the final (meta) one: Am I asking the right questions to myself?

I write down the answers to these in my bullet journal and sometimes I will review previous entries.

I learned about this technique from my friend David Henzel, and have been practicing almost daily since then.

I modified the technique by adding the meta question from above: “Am I asking the right questions to myself?” After pondering on that question, I will sometimes change the questions. The special part about this question is that by thinking about this on a daily basis, you can aim your growth towards any direction you want. I end up changing some of them every 2-3 weeks. I guarantee if you practice this everyday, you will improve your life.

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