On eliminating negative thoughts – Can your glass always be half full?

Our monkey minds are constantly commenting on everything around us. Some of thoughts can be very negative and send us into a downward spiral. I’ve been experimenting with noticing these negative thoughts and seeing if I can think about some positive aspect of that thought. For example if I get annoyed about waiting in line, I say to myself “I get to practice patient and relaxing”. If I get mad at a colleague’s work, I think of it as a chance to help my colleague improve. If I get into a fight with my partner, I think that is a chance for me to show compassion. And finally if I can’t find anything positive about a thought or situation, I think that “this is the perfect time to practice presence to remove negative thoughts”. Ultimately I want to remove as many negative thoughts so I can lead a more stress free and healthy life. I’ll let you know how the experiment goes 🙂

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