Never use the dominant browser

For many years now I use a browser with a smaller marketshare than the leader. In the early days of the internet, that was Firefox. When Chrome was a new thing, I switched to that for a long time and eventually went to Safari. Eventually I had to switch off Safari because I was on an older version of Mac and I couldn’t get a newer version of Safari, but I would stay with Safari much longer if possible. Now I use Brave as my main browser. The reason I do this is because I don’t want to help make any one browser dominant. The more people that use an underdog, the better, because it means one browser can’t force their own way and ruin the party for the other browsers. It also helps encourage more innovation with the other browsers. Both Internet Explorer and Chrome are both famous for trying to push their weight around and get standards implemented that would harm the internet. So using another browser is my small contribution to net neutrality. If you are able to do it, I suggest you try to do it as well.

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