Neuron Cell types by function in the Entorhinal Cortex Hippocampus system

Here we collect the different types of cells in the human entorhinal cortex (EC) hippocampus system organized by their known functionality.

Place Cells – In the hippocampus, they usually fire to a single location in space.

Grid Cells

Border Ownership cells

Head direction Cells – They fire when the head of an organism is facing a certain direction. Its an internal compass for your head!

Band cells

Splitter cells – in the HC, they supposedly fire for common paths vs uncommon paths

Speed cells

landmark vector cells

Object Vector Cells – they fire in relation to an organism’s distance and direction to objects.

Reward Cells

Boundary Vector Cells (border cells or boundary cells)

Goal Direction Cells

Non EC-H system cells:

Maybe there are some “math neurons”

Motor cells

Interneuron Cells

“Social place” Cells

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