My daily discipline to maintain health

I manage a lot of people and projects and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. I have been crafting and perfecting a plan to maintain my health for many years. This is a doc I keep with me as part of my daily review routine. Rituals shape the subconscious mind, so you must shape your rituals. I also consider this THE main discipline to maintain for me.

For many years I would wake up and start thinking about problems immediately which was problematic if I woke up in the middle of the night. So I’ve been training myself to change my core thinking pattern. When I wake up I don’t allow my mind to start thinking about work, problems, or any daily stresses. I then follow a procedure called “SAVERRS” which stands for: silence, affirmation/mantra, visualize, exercise, read, review, scribe. Silence: I meditate in silence for 13 minutes where I practice focusing on the breath AND pulling my mind back to my breath. Affirmations and visualizations: I do another 10+ minute meditation where I repeat a mantra, see it, and most importantly associate feel a strong positive emotion with it. Danapini says he repeats the mantra 108 times a day. It is a method monks use to reprogram their subconscious. Science experiments shows it works, just do it. Exercise: For this exercise I just do some quick reps like 100 pushups to get the blood flowing. I do longer 30-60 minute sessions 4+ times a week. Review: I read all my goals: weekly, bimester, yearly, and long term goals to see if I’m on track and to prime myself for the day. Read: I read a chapter or 2 of a book, I rotate between health and business books. Scribe: I write in a journal every morning. The key is that the journaling for me must first focus on health. I think to think about health and bring it into my consciousness, otherwise I will default to my “build build build” mode, which is important too, but priorities first. I do this all before sunrise, then I make sure to see sunrise, and sometimes with exercise. Then my day starts. I avoid email and phone checking as much as possible. I have a 15 minute break in my workday where I will go for a walk and practice being present, no technology allowed. At the end of my workday I take time to wrap up the day: close my browser tabs, shutdown my computer, write any last minute notes, and then relax for a few minutes. This is to flush my mind off work, I don’t want to have a busy rushing feeling enter into my personal life. Before sleep, I spend an hour doing different forms of calming practices. It could be gratitude, mindfulness, yoga, prayer, reading, compassion, etc . The goal is to release the tensions of the day. I purposely randomize this so my mind doesn’t always expect one feeling. I spend at least an hour here, this is important to prepare my mind for sleep so that I am not thinking about work in my dreams, I want to feel peace and tranquility instead.

This is my mental health discipline and it works. It sounds like a lot, but in total its only 2.5 hours a day, worth it to stay health. I experiment with shortening it, but this works best so far. You must figure out your daily disciplines to succeed.

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