Meditate when you can’t sleep

I have had sleep problems on and off for most of my life which has probably contributed to my short-term memory. I completely changed my life when I started practicing this technique of a specific form of practicing presence/meditation. Often nights, I will make up and an unable to fall back asleep. I would just sit there frustrated or I would get up and surf online for a couple of hours and maybe fall back asleep. I hacked my mind and dramatically improved my sleep by doing body-scan meditations. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I become happy because I get to practice another form of rest. I scan my body just feeling every part of my body and look for tense areas and try to relax them. With this technique, I eventually fall back asleep again. This meditation technique is a common technique and goes by many different names such as body scanning, yoga nidra and full body relaxation. By “knowing” that I can do something else restful, this allowed me to not be so anxious about not being able to sleep and so it actually allowed me to sleep. So before I would dread the thought of waking up in the middle of the night where as now, I kind of look forward to it. So really its the combination of doing a cognitive behavioral hack around myself to change a negative situation into a positive situation plus the actual exercise of body scanning that has helped me. The other positive is that I have wanted to practice being more presence throughout the day, and this has allowed that.

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