Joe Dispenza’s meditation formula

I listened to a bunch of Joe’s talks and I like his speaking style, but he does not explain his meditation style that simply, probably because he is selling it.

Meditate so that thoughts and feelings are greater than your reaction to life.

Keeping your energy elevated enough that you have everything you want. It is a form of LOA.

When you are meditating, visualize and emotional feel that you have what you desire and bring it so strong into your conscious, that you know it to be true.

You must walk, talk, and act as you are already that person. Feelings of your future: positive, happy, abundant, healthy self are brought into the now.

The key to his work is elevating your energy.

You can probably do this with visualization, not just meditation.

The key idea is that your thoughts and feelings are stronger than reality.

Can you live the current day with your future version of your self and feel the energy that your future self has?

Let go of all previous energy that connects you to your painful past.

Good overview videos:

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