Interesting AI companies to follow

Numenta – because Jeff Hawkins is putting his money towards solving AGI with a singular focus on the neocortex and not swayed by machine learning trends.

deepmind – Because its run by smart neuroscientists and machine learning scientists trying to solve AGI. Demmis Hassabis has real passion.

OpenAI – Because its run by smart people who can bring technology to production and they have already made many innovations such as GPT-3.

vicarious – Because Dileep George was a partner with Jeff Hawkins at Numenta and now is a cofounder of Vicarious

Tesla – most widely deployed autonomous vehicles and soon to be robots. – It has Rodney Brooks and Gary Marcus, who try to downplay the deep learning hype, not sure how progress of the company is doing though.

Google – They do lots of machine learning and AI research on their own, but also lots of other stuff. Lots of smart people there.

sanctuary – Geordie Rose is the CEO. He built production quantum computers, production robots with RL, and has a PhD in theoretical physics. Now his new company is focused on next generation robots.

Boston Dynamics – Not focused on AGI, but they have shown that human body like robots can be built. The ultimate example of robots brought to reality. If computers need to be embodied, then robots are needed and Boston Dynamics can help.

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