Improve your learnings while reading by asking yourself pointed questions

I was just listening to a talk from Jim Kwik and he spoke about how retained more information while reading. He states its a complete waste of time if you are reading and not retaining information.

He consciously asks 3 questions and takes notes as he is reading.

How can I use this information?

Why must I use this information? Take not, it says must use this, not should.

When will I use this information?

Asking yourself these questions is a form of presence and journaling so its important that you incorporate this into your daily life.

more information.

If you can answer all these questions for the information you are reading, then its probably worth retaining, but if you can’t, really think about if you need this information.

If you can ask these questions for important information you encounter while reading, you will accelerate your learnings and retain

This doesn’t apply to just reading books by any kind of information such as listening to podcasts or watching youtube.

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