Ideas to encourage more people to work on AGI

AGI is a hard problem, so there are not a lot of people working on it. The majority of people working on it are in universities or research institutes.

Some random ideas to encourage people to work on AGI:

  • publish a book on AGI
  • create an integrated school for teaching AI related courses (neuroscience, computer science, cognitive science, mathematics)
  • create a podcast aimed at teaching about AGI
  • create a crypto token for solving AGI
  • create a VC fund for funding AGI projects
  • create a research facility that encourages outsiders with experts to work together
  • create a program to teach underprivileged children to study AGI
  • create a grand challenge with cash for people to solve AGI
  • create a video game that focuses people to work on AGI problems
  • create art that makes people think about AGI
  • direct people to focus on multi-model building or other specific areas of AGI
  • write a blog about AGI (this blog!)
  • a layman review site for arvix and research papers
  • create a wikipedia for AI/AGI
  • a summary mailing list of AGI related papers on arvix for lay people

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