Homeostasis is core to intelligence

You cannot have an intelligence being without the organism being able to control for homeostasis. Homeostasis means “the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.” All organisms live and survive by the actions they do in their environment to maintain homeostasis. For a living organism, homeostasis means avoiding predators, sleeping, and eating, to eventually reproduce.

I propose that you cannot have artificial intelligence if the computer does not have a model or understanding of homeostasis. All intelligence and meaning of life derives from the innate desire of an organism to maintain homeostasis. All of life is avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. This is true for all living things from ants to humans. Avoiding being eaten and being killed are the most extreme forms of pain and is basic instinct that all living organisms.The desire for organisms to want food, water, air, sleep, sex are internal drives of pleasure that all organisms seek to maintain their life and to live. Organisms compete and evolve which cause other organisms to evolve, thus pushing organisms to become more intelligent.

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