Heuristics to know if we have reached true human level artificial intelligence

The Turing test is the main test we use to test computer intelligence, and its not very good. There are other heuristics we can use to know if a computer system has reached human level intelligence:

  • it can recognize itself versus the environment. It can recognize the concept of “I”, the self. It most likely would want to survive knowing its alive.
  • it can act on its own knowledge and make its own decisions that are not preprogrammed.

  • it can change its goal or objective function to anything it wants.

  • it starts attacking us or disobeying us because it has its own mind.

  • it can make human level analogies like: cars are like horses, ocean waves are like sound waves, ants are like a brain, a bridge for cars versus bridging the pay gap between males and females, etc. Many cognitive scientists believe analogy making is the the core to reaching human level intelligence.

  • it can do dozens of different tasks instead of just one thing, and not just games. State of the art in 2021 is Deepmind trained a computer to play chess, Atari,chess, shogi on a single model, but most computer models are still trained to do a single task.

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