Hello Zettelkasten world!

This is my new blog. I am going to write using the Zettelkasten (zk) Method. Its like a wiki with short notes. Here is a great intro post. The zk method should help me amplify my thinking and writing skills, so I am vey excited to get this working. I am going to start off with the goal of writing 25 posts and then reevaluate. Previously I used Jekyll as my blogging software, but it is a pain to write a blog post as you have to write code essentially so I am also using wordpress to host this Zettelkasten blog. Each zettel (blog post) is an atomic idea that may grow over time. The ideas I plan to write about are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • health
  • productivity
  • and whatever I happen to be interested in.

I will also have all these blog posts saved in git in text format so then can eventually be reconnected if need be in the far away future.

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