life post mortems

For any important event or situation that causing a disruption in your life, I think you should write out a post mortem for it.

I had terrible sleep for about 5 days in a row. Fortunately this is happening more rarely over time. I’ve decided I will do a post mortem every time this happens.

I think it happened because I have been working really late and then started to feel anxious with too much today, and then I couldn’t fix it for 5 days! A coworker is in a different time zone and sometimes he is asking me questions until 9 at night, and then my mind is still thinking about work. I couldn’t fall asleep and I would wake up very early. Weirdly I thought I could fix it immediately as soon as I noticed it, but it took me 5 days to fix 🙁 I updated my rebound routine so it should be faster next time. I would like to rebound within 2 days max.

My daily health routine must include :

  • See sunrise (and usually exercise)
  • stop all work and computer usage by 6:30
  • practice wind down and gratitude, we don’t want the mind thinking about work during sleep, but instead pleasant topics.

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