Daily health routine

This list is non negotiable and must be practiced everyday.

This doc should be as short as possible and clear as possible to remind myself what must be done on a daily basis. This list my change over time. This doc is to be kept with me at all times.

“Without health, we have nothing”. This is a universal truth, health must be the number 1 focus of my life. I need health so I can do everything else, and so this serves as the foundation. With great health, then I can spend the rest of my time building.

  • see the sunrise, and ideally exercise with a run or swim at the same time. Seeing the sun is cited as the #1 thing you can do for keeping your circadian rhythm aligned properly. Exercise is also supposedly the free magic pill to health, so exercise as often as you can. I run daily at sunrise everyday, but can probably do other exercise or not daily. For my exercise I do half in silence noticing my body and half listening to speeches.
  • No computer or phone usage in my bedroom, don’t leave them near me at night. – This acts as guardrails and to train my mind to know that I am not going to just run to the computer and work whenever I get up.
  • Practice feeling read gratitude in the evening for 20 mins. Truly feel it in my body and heart and give thanks to the numerous great things in my life – It allows my body and soul to heal and melt away anxiety.
  • Upon waking, do not start work immediately, first practice gratitude and quieting the mind. – This is to train my mind that I do not jump to work as soon as I wake up. probably do most of SAVERRS
  • Stop thinking about work and using my work tools (computer and phone) by 6:30 in the evening. – This is a guard rail to control my work, unattended I can literally work 24/7.
  • Practice mindfulness. Don’t multitask and don’t just jump to surfing the web and being bored with myself all the time. This is the hardest one to do all the time and to write out in clear instructions. Maybe it just means practice daily meditation. Eckhart Tolle says to always be present of your body. This item most likely be tweaked over time as I find a way I better describe it. This practice should be THE practice to solve everything. If I can figure out a simple way to actually memorialize this, it will be a game changer. As of now I “relearn” it often.

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