Create a daily review wall

I mentioned before that I think I have a shorter term memory compared to others and so I have built many rituals and habits that allow me to still be productive.

One of the most important things I’ve done is to create a daily review wall.

In my bedroom and office, I have several large posters on my walls where I list every single important thing I want to remember. It is not about listing todo items, but anything important I want to remember such as long term goals, habits I want to change, and inspirational learnings. Every morning, I carefully review and think about each item. Is this something still important to me? If it is, I think about why its important to me as a way to bring it fully into my awareness, and if its not, I remove it. I also review my daily notes and plan out my day. Every quarter I review my wall and change things around if needed.

On my current wall I have: life goals, questions to ask myself, quarterly goals, things to be grateful for, the 4 agreements, my vision board, things I should avoid, and areas I am practicing being present in. I recommend you experiment with what information to keep on your wall and if you keep practicing this, you will certainly improve your life.

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