Company evaluation checklist

I am constantly evaluating companies, sometimes they want advise, or I want to learn about them, or I’m involved in company acquisitions and I need to go help with due diligence. Whenever I talk to a new company I also use this checklist to evaluate where they are at:


do you have product market fit

what are the DAU/MAU

what is the north star metric

who owns the roadmap

what is the overall goal and vision

what is the retention rate?

team composition

How do you talk with customers?

How do you measure customer satisfaction.


how often is the app published

is there CI/CD ?

who manages the tech/infrastructure?

what does test coverage look like?

what metrics are being tracked?

team composition


who is the ICP?

What is the marketing plan?

do you have a marketing funnel?

scalable marketing channel?

team composition


Whats the TAM?

# of customers

current pipeline value


Who is the exec team

what metrics are being tracked?

Do they function well together? Any interpersonal issues?

How can I help?

Current MRR/ARR?

Current size of the company

how is the company distributed?

What are the top 3 challenges right now?

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