Zen programmers delete code

I saw this quote: “Good programmers write good code. Great programmers write no code. Zen programmers delete code.” I love it! It makes sense in the context of complexity. Think about why we are adding a feature, does it really add value? Is it adding more complexity? Will we be able to support it? Make… Continue reading Zen programmers delete code

NSM notes

I have been studying natural semantic metalanguage (NSM). It has been studied and cross-referenced fom 30+ languages. the core 65 changes several times, in the beginning it was 13 core concepts. It is as objective as it can to study human language, but of course there is still some subjectivity in it. Some words they… Continue reading NSM notes

skills needed to run a research lab

leading and helping people raising money PM projects prioritizing and delegating charisma ideation execution researching and sorting lots of information writing skills for papers, proposals, and inspiring thinking – finding the key to solutions experimenting – being able to run experiments