adjectives and nouns are composable

You can take any adjective and apply it to any noun and although the result may not make sense, the mind can imagine or change the meaning enough that the combination could make sense.


  • fast dog – it can run faster than average
  • ugly dog – looks uglier than the average dog, subjective.
  • smart dog – able to do things faster/smarter than others
  • sophisticated dog – a dog with an single eye lens?
  • entitled dog – what would this mean? some people think of a poodle prancing around
  • fat situation – what does that mean? maybe a person “got themselves into a fat situation” as in they are fat now
  • ugly square – what does that mean? its not exact or maybe it has a face that is ugly?
  • quant chicken – an attractively unusual chicken?
  • chubby coffee – doesn’t make a lot of sense, the coffee mug is chubby?
  • mad ladder – doesn’t make sense because ladders are inanimate, but we could image a ladder that was alive, then it could be mad and not function properly.
  • null preparation – literally: “an invalid process of making ready”. I could see someone saying that to mean “you failed”.

In regards to adjective + nouns combinations that don’t make sense, the human mind can both consciously and subconsciously move the concepts up and down the abstraction ladder to find a combination of the 2 concepts that makes sense.

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