A simulation engine for generative LLM agents

There have been a few recent papers that show you can create agents that act like humans and can talk and do things. I’ve been building an engine called replicantlife for anyone to easily run these simulations. It runs in a browser currently. You can think of it like the Sims, a game where you have agents running in a simulation to live their daily lives. I never personally never played it, but have always been interested in it.

I am also working on a research paper that improves the cognitive modules of these agents so they can act more human like.

The engine can be used with any LLM. I use ollama to integrate models and I’ve also integrated OpenAI’s models. I only added openai models to benchmark against, I personally run all my simulations on open models such as mistral and llama.

The engine can be used for both fun role playing scenarios and more serious business applications. With the engine, I have simulated dozens of different scenarios: from organizing parties, to solving murder mysteries, to voting simulatoins ,to leadership training, and much more.

I purposely started out with very basic graphics to get the engine running, but if there is interest in the project, I want to expand out the engine more.

Agents are able to walk around and communicate with other agents.

I think in the future, all video games will have interactive agents that react to the story in a way that makes them more believable. This engine is my experimentation with how that may look. Check it out here. If you have questions or interested to collaborate, please reach out!

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