Andy Warhol mastered newsjacking

He made portraits of Marilyn Monroe when she died. He did the same for Jacqueline Kennedy when JFK died. He was doing art works of people dying, he would take pictures from the news and put it into his art. He was newsjacking with his art before newsjacking was a thing.

Daily health routine

This list is non negotiable and must be practiced everyday. This doc should be as short as possible and clear as possible to remind myself what must be done on a daily basis. This list my change over time. This doc is to be kept with me at all times. “Without health, we have nothing”.… Continue reading Daily health routine

life post mortems

For any important event or situation that causing a disruption in your life, I think you should write out a post mortem for it. I had terrible sleep for about 5 days in a row. Fortunately this is happening more rarely over time. I’ve decided I will do a post mortem every time this happens.… Continue reading life post mortems