The goalpost for Artificial Intelligence has never moved

When you read about Artificial Intelligence, there is always a huge debate on whether or not we are getting closer to true human level Artificial Intelligence. Lots of people claim that AI is completely possible, its just that we as a human race keep moving the goalpost, or changing the definition of AI. And so… Continue reading The goalpost for Artificial Intelligence has never moved

Homeostasis is core to intelligence

You cannot have an intelligence being without the organism being able to control for homeostasis. Homeostasis means “the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.” All organisms live and survive by the actions they do in their environment to maintain homeostasis. For a living organism, homeostasis means… Continue reading Homeostasis is core to intelligence

To avoid

The definition of avoid means to “stay away from something”. Usually one avoids something so as to not encounter pain or some kind of negative effect. All organisms do some kind of avoiding, for example avoiding being killed, attacked, or eaten in order to survive. To avoid is an action verb, where the subject moves… Continue reading To avoid